If you are looking for something special for your home or business interior design, bespoke interior and particular bespoke wooden interior created by Komlignum might be an option to have a look.

Wood provides a special feeling to any premises, becomes more and more popular to be used in bespoke interior. Wood interior might create a classic design or on the contrary – very modern contemporary look.

Bespoke interior creator like Komlignum respond to every customer’s wishes and requirements regarding styles or materials. Wood could be naturally blended with stone, metals or any fabrics.

Wooden doors are more usual but, when specially tailored and crafted, might be a unique element of your interior. Selection of wooden doors types gives you a wide choice – classic doors, traditional wooden doors, modern wooden doors or wooden French doors. Wooden doors might also respond to your family’s special needs – sliding wooden doors, acoustic doors or special needs doors.

When going further and wishing to surround yourselves by natural wood you can go for wooden wall panels, coffered ceilings, natural wood floors and wooden stairs. When customized they create absolutely bespoke interior anywhere you wish.

Bespoke interior could not be imaged without custom-made furniture. Such furniture could supplement your already bespoke design or be an exclusive element of bespoke design. Wooden kitchen, bathroom furniture, custom-made bar or library furniture – every time very special when customized. But wooden tables, selves or wardrobes should never be neglected as even those pieces of furniture could contribute to bespoke design.

Komlignum has been producing custom-made furniture and elements of wooden bespoke interior for over 20 years and developed good experience and practice of best serving clients’ needs and requirements. Komlignum can cooperated with any interior designers or engineers, or, alternatively, provide its views and suggestion of bespoke interior design.

Bespoke interior design and custom-made furniture

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