Fashion trends for Spring – Summer 2020

With the weather getting warmer and the sun shining longer we know that spring is just around the corner. Birds started singing, flowers started blooming and we started to search for hottest fashion trends. We prepared you a list of fashion trends for 2020 Spring – Summer season.


Some time ago it was popular to show of you thong and the upcoming season is all about accentuating bras. See thru tops, design that highlights your bra will be a big trend when the warm season comes.

Wrapped ankles

If you’re planning to buy sandals, make sure that their straps would be as long as possible, because this summer fashionistas will be wrapping straps around their ankles. We will probably see a lot of this style in the city streets.

Puffed sleeves

When you will be searching for a shirt, make sure it would have big sleeves. The puffiness can be anywhere. Doesn’t matter if it is shoulder high or lower, but the bigger the puff – the better.


Official clothing is always stylish, but this Spring – Summer we will be seeing a lot of old fashioned suits. Oversized ones can be worn as a dress with a nice belt and if you don’t feel like it, wear it with matching shorts! Yup, suit shorts will be a thing.


This year clothes will make us dream about vacation by the beach because we will be constantly reminded about it with the tropical prints all around. In the upcoming season it will be trendy to go big and with a lot of colors. When searching for an outfit, you will hit the bullseye by choosing tropical prints.


It a controversy with the popping colors and trying to wear everything to the max. This trend will be for a more calm look. Anything with the fresh looking minty color will be fashionable.

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