Why are Linen Dresses the best choice for the upcoming summer?

Dressing classy never ceases- be it the sizzling summers or the pleasant fall. Who all amongst us hates the idea of sticky sweaty summer clothes glued to your skin?

Linens have always been considered a luxury. In fact, way back in the 16th Century, owning linen garments would be a sign of prosperity and affluence where this natural fiber comprising of nothing but comfort would be considered full of opulence and grandeur. Fast forward to the 21st Century, and the way we see linen is pretty much the same- a sturdy, hypoallergenic clothing material that breathes freshness into any summer outfit you can think of.

Can Linens be better than cotton?

We all know how nothing screams ‘beat the summer heat’ better than a flowing cotton dress. However, did you know that linens are 30% stronger than cotton with both the summer textiles containing characteristics like breathability, good hand feel, and above all an elegant outlook? In fact, linens have better moisture absorption powers than a cotton clothing and that is probably one of the reasons why your linen garments are more likely to stick around undamaged or discolored as compared to a cotton clothing.

What benefits can you expect when you shop linen dresses online?

  • No-Compromised Quality

Linen’s quality is not based on the thread count but on the Flax plant quality. Being stronger and sturdier than cotton materials, Linens are known for their durability. While you can’t get smooth edgy effects, linen in its own simplistic form is enriched in deep and textured edges. In fact, dye reacts to Linen in a vibrant manner, often leaving you with enhanced deep colors.

  • Wear your comfort wherever you go

A fabric that lets your skin breathe, doesn’t stick to your body even during the sweatiest times of your day, quickly absorbs moisture, and reflects heat, and can be a perfect choice for a summer day out with the girls- need we say more?

  • You can be carefree with your linens

Linens don’t need extensive care- you can machine wash it, tumble dry it, or simply lay it out in the sun. In fact, Linens don’t even need ironing. Superior grade linens have a subtle wrinkle to their body which adds to the whole aura of the look. However, it is advised not to use bleaches or harsh detergents during a wash, since it weakens the sturdy fibers.

  • A dress that can wow you all year around

You must be wondering how a light breathable fabric can be the perfect dress for a chilly fall or a crusty winter evening. Did you know, that flax is often used as insulation for homes during winters? If wool makes you feel stuffy, try linens. They retain a part of your body heat releasing the excess keeping you snug and warm during a chilly day.

  • Don’t let your allergies tell you what to wear

Skin sensitivity is no joke and often negligible steps can lead to the inevitable- a nasty rash-filled allergy caused by a clothing textile that simply refuses to work with you. However, a mentioned earlier, Linen prides itself for its quick absorption characteristics which amongst many others, makes Linen a hypoallergenic product- one that is unlikely to ever cause you any trouble.

  • You care for your environment when you wear Linen

If you’re in the hunt for an eco-friendly clothing solution, there could be no better answer than a Linen summer dress swaying in the wind! Linen, churned from Flax is not only recyclable but biodegradable too. Flax that grows naturally requires no additional water and the linens made from it requires no additional starching.

Where can you shop the best linens at the most cost-efficient prices?

In this busy world of compact schedules and routine lifestyle, going out of your everyday routine to hunt down authentic linen shops around you surely sound a little hectic. Why not have genuine linen experts online take care of your summer requirements for you? A beautiful summer inspiration crafted out of authentic linen would look ravishing only if you find original online stores like OFFON where linens are love and their sole expertise revolves around tailoring the best linen solutions for you.

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